About Us

About Us

WebSports Media Network (WSMN) is a one-of-a-kind streamcasting company, with a focus on sports and lifestyle content.

With our corporate offices in Montreal, Canada WSMN prides itself on providing unique, interactive content in an uncensored format. Whether it’s hockey, combat sports such as MMA and boxing, or lifestyle shows about poker or comedy, WSMN always strives to create the best listener experience while working with the top names in the industry.

Listeners benefit from WSMN’s global reach, getting access to raw, edgy content as well as more serious, informative and even educational shows. WSMN’s breadth and width of content genres also provides unprecedented value to advertisers, most of which are able to reach their target audience no matter what the demographic.

WSMN. Let us entertain you.

Our Contributors include:

  • Ted Bird
  • Joey Elias
  • Tony Marinaro
  • Jean Perron
  • Jean Page
  • Dino Mazinotti
  • Rick Moffat
  • Gary Whittaker
  • Nick Murdocco
  • Mat Casavant
  • Jeremy Rubin
  • Bobby Dollas
  • Steve Traynor
  • Ken Doran
  • Eric Engels
  • Steven Hindle
  • David Kellerman
  • Francois Lacombe
  • Jeremy Filosa
  • Chris Nilan
  • J.T. Utah
  • and more everyday….