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The NHL roster freeze went into full effect Friday at 3 p.m. and there was not the flurry of trade activity many in the media were expecting. But while all was quiet on the trade front, the chatter around the league went into full Olympic mode. One of the big debates for years now has been whether or not NHLers should be participating in the Winter Olympics. But when the NHL and NHLPA ended the lockout of 2012-13 and agreed on a new CBA, they both agreed that the players would participate in the Sochi games and then reevaluate for South Korea in 2018. But as of late, it doesn’t appear that most owners and teams are upholding the spirit of that agreement.

On Thursday, Flyers owner Ed Snider didn’t hold back when asked what he thought of NHLers traveling to Sochi or any Olympic tournament mid-season.

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